Present Deposit Schemes & Rate of Interest


Present Deposit Schemes & Rate of Interest:


  1. Savings Bank : 4%

  2. Small Savings: 7.5% (May be withdrawn only after Retirement / Resignation from Service. No loan be issued.  Minimum deposit Rs.100/- and Maximum Rs.5000/-.  Deposit through Pay bill. Amount per month may be increased or decreased.)

  3. Recurring Deposit: One to Five year term; any amount per month may be deposited by cash or through Pay Bill. ( 80% of total deposit  may  be withdrawn as Loan from Deposit )

  4. Term Deposit : 46 days to 5 year  ( No deposit limit;  80% of deposit money may be withdrawn as loan with 2% more interest on the deposit scheme;  On demand repayment of deposit money in case of urgency. )

  5. M.I.S. (Monthly Income Scheme): For 1 to 5 year (No limit on deposit money; Premature withdrawal on demand; No deduction from Principal money on premature withdrawal; No loan on MIS is allowed. Rate of interest is 7.6% on 5 year and 1 to 4 year as per listed rate.)

All accounts may be opened by the member as first party and jointly with their wife, son and daughter; Nomination at the deposit account is a must.

Loan Schemes


1. Short Term : 

150000/=  To be repaid within maximum 48 installment

2. Mid Term :   

800000/=  120
3. Long Term : 


4. Land Purchase: 


5. House Building Loan 


6. Emergency 




Rate of interest on all loans: 9%

A) Maximum amount of all Term loans in aggregate is Rs.1500000/= and Rs.4000000/= on House Building and Land purchase;

B) Loan can be repaid by cash/cheque in part or full.

C) Certificate issued for Income Tax deduction on House Building Loan. 

D) Statement of Loan is issued on demand. 

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