New Initiatives

New Initiatives by the Present Board of Directors:

  1. Decrease of Interest on Loan by 0.60% i.e. from 9.6% to 9% w.e.f.01.9.2016

  2. Increase of maximum limit of  Term Loan from Rs.1200000/= to Rs.1500000/= , Land Purchase Loan from Rs.1500000/= to Rs.2500000/= and House Building Loan from Rs.2500000/= to Rs.4000000/=

  3. 1/9th interest subvention on interest paid by the members for the year 2015-16

  4. Farewell  along with Refund of total Share Money and Small Savings Deposit to the Retired members on the next day of their retirement at the Society premises;

  5. Collection during demonetized  Rs.500/= and Rs.1000/= notes from the members and refund with currency notes  to relieve the senior members;

  6. Opened a big stall at the Pous Mela Ground ( 2016) in collaboration with the ARCS, Birbhum;

  7. Gift one Raymond Bed-sheet( with pillow covers ) to the members for the year 2015-16;

  8. 10% Dividend allowed to the members for the year 2015-16;

  9. Beautification at the main entrance of the Society along with Gardening.

  10. Interior Decoration along with modern podium and projector at the Seminar Hall at the first floor of the Society;

  11. Arranged an International Seminar on VISION OF RABINDRANATH TAGORE on CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY and COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT on 18th-19th August,2017;

  12. Starting of an anti-drug convention in collaboration with the District Police;

  13. Opening of a Coaching Centre for the Joint Entrance Examinees;

  14. Issuance of Festival Loan  to the members to meet up extra expenditure before the Festivals;

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