Chairman's Desk

Respected Dignified Co-operators,

At the outset, I convey my heartfelt co-operative greetings to all. It is a privilege for me to address to you as Chairman of Visva-Bharati Cooperative Co-operative Credit Society Limited.Visva-Bharati  Co-operative Society  has always had a close and cordial bond with its shareholders, and this is a tradition I am delighted to continue with many more new initiatives and social welfare activities. Thank you for the support you have always rendered to the Board, and the encouragement and affection you have showered upon me.

Energizing the organization would still continue to be the most important part of my job. I would still have to continue my responsibility by looking into the crystal ball of the future and trying to steer the organization through the immense opportunities lying ahead of us.

I am acutely aware that the task of preserving, protecting, nurturing and growing the finest attributes of the society has devolved on me. There are many important things that have to be preserved and strengthened. For me, one of the most critical is good governance. Good governance has always been the hallmark of the society. Measures to ensure high standards of governance were implemented within the society long before they were mandated by law. It is one of my topmost priorities to ensure that governance continues and strengthens and that the society preserves and enhances its reputation for clean administration, fair dealing and transparency.

Our society has a precious legacy of values, social consciousness, and integrity that has come down to us from the days of the founders during 1927’s.  This legacy is not just a source of great pride; it is almost the birthright of our shareholders and employees. I pledge to strengthen and deepen.

And most vital issue, I pledge performance. Performance has also been the another hallmark of this society in this 21st century. Considering the huge amount of retirement of our University, number of pensioner membership is increasing. It ensures the continuous patronage of the shareholders on the management.

We maintain the homely atmosphere due to our employees.  Employees are our live assets. It is our employees who have taken our Society’s service standards to the members to a new height. I hope their performance level will continue to be there.

For decades Co-operative societies are mainly known for their capability of offering loans to members and declare dividends out of profits to the shareholders annually. But, our society has extended its footprint to the area of social sectors. Different social welfare initiatives of our society have created a history. Thanks to our present board who has made this dream come true.

 In our society also, we are undergoing through sea changes by way of taking a lots of IT initiatives. In the last month we have started our new website where members can see the activities of the society, and get updated about what is happening in the society.
Society has just successfully completed its International Seminar on “Vision of Rabindranath Tagore on Co-Operative Society and Community Development (along with a Craft Fair and Exhibition).

At last but not least, I can say that, our top priority is to fulfil the Tagore’s dream, that’s why our theme is …. Togetherness of welfare purposes for socio economic development.

Lastly, I would finish by saying that I am confident we will maintain and better our performance and social welfare activities. And with the blessings and kind guidance of our Secretary and other dignified Directors, staff members we should make our dream come true.
Thank you.


Sri Prasanta Roy

© Visva Bharati Cooperative Credit Society Limited